10 crazy calendars for 2024 to start the year off on the right foot


The best way to give your New Year’s resolutions a chance is to accompany them with diaries, planners and calendar for 2024 which put the months into perspective. And speaking of diaries and planners, we’ve collected them in the following gallery 10 unmissable calendars for all tastes.

We put aside the usual, banal 12-sheet calendars bound with a metal spiral. We focused on gadgets carved in 3, perpetual calendars, daily calendars with phrases and aphorisms, but also on calendars whose subjects can be defined as unusual: terrible medieval cats, nuns having fun and even some friendly faces. Baby Yoda and Grootbut also Super Mario and his moustache, for example.

Monthly, weekly and daily: here are the best

There is no shortage of attention in our selection of the best calendars of 2024 functionality. Basically, everyone can find what they want, be it a classic monthly, weekly or daily calendar with subsequent impact on formats. There is also something table among the designs, both in a 3D version and in perpetual calendar form: both created to transition to 2025 with some utility. As for subjects, we decided to include geeky topics as well truly alternative designs. There is something comical, tender and ironic about these calendars that will not go unnoticed. As for the cost, they range between 9 euros requested for the most basic and 55 for the most ironic and iconic.


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