10 small and perfect fryers for a tasty dinner for two


Now we know: of air fryers, small or large, we can’t do without them. After realizing that we can enjoy a plate of fries or prepare very crispy meatballs without accompanying it with a significant dose of guilt, we chose it as an indispensable appliance. And so the great demand has created a really interesting and varied offer: we have already seen the best together cheap air fryers20 designs from 40 to 250 euros and we didn’t miss a focus either xl models, which with a volume of 12 liters allow you to prepare chicken and fries for everyone. But what to do when there are only 2 of you? Don’t panic, at least they are there 10 x small air fryers which cannot be smaller – from 1.5 to 3 liters – which deserve an evaluation. Compact and lightweight, are the ideal solution to take home the perfect gadget for your needs without taking up unnecessary space in the kitchen or spending more than necessary. Here’s how to choose them.

How small they are

Of course, this type of fryer can be evaluated taking into account the classic parameters used for all gadgets in the category, although the main characteristic, i.e. capacity, inevitably conditions all others. Small fryers actually with one basket 1.5 to 3 liters capacity, will usually have power included between 1000 and 1300 w. We can’t expect to find the rotary system seen on the XL, nor the oven design that makes some of the latest designs so recognizable. It is also impossible to assume the presence of two separate cooking zones:space optimization It requires some sacrifice, but not too much. In fact, even in some models of this product sub-segment we can find e.g preset programs, touch control panel and timer. For what concern designwe have identified many different designs, some of which are also ideal for display.

The best among minis

Our selection of the most compact models is the result of research carried out among the company’s designs reliable brands who have advanced well in the production of deep fryers in recent years and who have demonstrated the ability to combine safety and efficiency in each product. We then tried to include economic proposals like Eldorado Mini by Ardes da 35 euros as well as models more expensive up to 90 euros asked Severin for a very compact 1.8 liter. And speaking of kitchen gadgets that have become indispensable (that we didn’t know about just a few years ago), check out kitchen thermometers, vacuum sealers, juicers, and the best roners on the market today.


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