10 smart LED strips that will change the face of your home and office


The smart led strips are an excellent choice for those who want to enliven and supplement the home environment with classic (even banal) lighting lamps and chandeliers an original and fun touch. Placed on the wall, on a shelf, hung on the back of the TV or placed to frame the gaming station, thanks to the presence of various options that allow you to control its operation in 360 degrees, they are able to adapt to any context and provide light support in a few moments , which is as useful as it is pleasant.

How to choose smart LED strips

Although on the surface they may all seem similar, in fact smart LED strips are available on the market in a plethora of variants equipped with special features that make them more or less suitable for different housing solutions.


The first point to clarify is the location of the smart strip and to answer a simple question: internal or external? Indoor solutions do not have special protection against the elements and for safety reasons can only be used indoors. Outdoor models, on the other hand, are specially designed to withstand atmospheric influences with a variable level of protection against dust and contact with water (the famous ipxx scale), which confirms their possibility to be used outdoors.

Length and shape

For those looking for a simple strip capable of creating a lighting effect, simply arm yourself with a tape measure and measure the space to be lit. The offers available on the market range from a few meters to ten, so it should not be difficult to find a solution suitable for the required dimensions. However, the situation is different for those who are not satisfied with an ordinary “line”, but want something more. In this case, it is possible to opt for some models with a high degree of flexibility that will allow you to create real shapes and let your imagination run wild.


The ease of use and flexibility of an LED strip are two of the key elements to consider before choosing any type. Smartphone app support is essential, allowing you to have every single option at hand at all times, as is checking what connectivity options (wifi, bluetooth, fiber) are available. In addition to the basic controls (on, off, intensity setting), the presence of modes that allow you to create variable lighting effects or combine lighting with music sources are pleasant additions that can add even more life to the environment. Compatibility with home automation systems such as Apple Home, Google Home and SmartThings should also be taken into account, as well as the voice command options can be really convenient, using, to name the most famous, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Elections from Wired

In choosing the best smart LED strips, we searched the market far and wide to find about ten solutions able to adapt to any budget and any need. Staying on the subject of lighting, we encourage those looking for additional solutions for the home and outdoors to check out our galleries dedicated to wireless table lamps, LED under-cabinet lamps and the best smart bulbs.


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