10 washi tapes that will turn your planner into a work of art


What turns an ordinary notebook into a notebook you can be proud of? THE washi tape sure, that’s them adhesive tapes in paper, which are experiencing great popularity due to their vibrant colors, metallic details and good interpretation of the concept palette. They are spread over the entire surface of the pages, torn into small pieces, used as a background for writing or to highlight a concept. But not only. Washi tapes are like that stylish that limiting them to the world of stationery would be a shame. Here’s what they’re for and the best ones to hit home in no time.

What is washi tape?

The origin of the name of these removable adhesive decorative tapes dates back to Japanthe country that created them through transformation rice paper printed into a must-have item that has achieved worldwide success. They were born as removable and repositionable, although the most diverse creative needs have led to the production of versions with significant grip, making them more durable over time, but also inevitably disposable. Their use has also evolved since then, although they were created for decoration diaries, planners, cards and gift packstoday, washi tapes have become the protagonists of many creations on different types of surfaces, walls included. This latest trend allows you to create strange, fun and decorated walls with a few euros and a lot of imagination.

Our choices

In the following gallery, we’ve collected a selection of the most popular washi tapes sold and priced online, with some variations where we’ve taken quality and originality into account. From decorative adhesive tapes ideal for decorating diaries, planners and scrapbooks to designs more focused on covering different types of surfaces. When it comes to budget, the average price is around ten euros for an assortment of 18 rolls, but we’ve included some significantly more expensive ones, as well as some particularly good deals if you decide to stock up on lots of patterns and different colors. Finally, for those who want to write, decorate and draw, we have also collected the best diaries for 2023 2024 and the most interesting planners, as well as coloring books and a selection of colored pens and markers to satisfy every creative desire.


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