40 Christmas Gift Ideas Selected by Wired


The countdown to December 25th has officially begun and for those looking Christmas gift ideas the days are basically numbered. On the one hand, the explosion of e-commerce over the last decade has made it easier to “go to the shops”, but on the other hand, shopping online without being able to personally see what you are giving as a gift. may still be an obstacle for many.

Wired he arrives to the rescue: with all the goodies we’ve come across this year and in years past, we thought we’d pick out some items that are especially suitable as gifts for every type of person – from co-workers to childhood friends to family members, no one excepted and of course passing children and descendants of all ages and inclinations.

How we chose gifts

The articles in this and the galleries that see the light these days are the result editors’ choice Wired: products that we’ve already gotten our hands on in recent months and caught our interest, or on which we’ve noticed specific active discounts in recent days, or even gadgets that we’ve been thinking about giving as gifts and that we’ve therefore become obsessed with researching. We also try to include in the description of each item who might be the ideal recipient – even though we know there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to gifts.

The best Christmas gift ideas

For those looking for something more specific, we’ve actually created some depth gallery, dedicated to Christmas gift tips focused on specific product categories. The list is constantly updated: to find new ones, just come back here day after day like an advent calendar made up of gift guides. The same goes for the gallery below, which will be filled with new products as Christmas approaches.


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