70% super bonus in 2024: what is changing and what are the other tax breaks


Courses and Challenges Super bonus they could end in 2024. Assuming parliament (or the government) doesn’t intervene again to extend or short protect condominium jobs.

70% in 2024, 65% in 2025

However, without new interventions, from 1 January the maximum benefit created amid the Covid emergency will fall to 70% and then fall again to 65% in 2025, after which the benefit will end. Not only that, the support will be reserved exclusively for apartments. The 110% as we know them will survive in seismic crater zones. The Ecobonus for apartments provides a relief of 70% and applies to the maximum costs of 40,000 euros for the insulation of common areas. It is expected to last until 2024 if planning permission is submitted by 16 February 2023.

Super bonus

Archived percentage 110%, as of January 1, the 90% season for the tax credit dedicated to energy efficiency also ends. The next cut will be launched next January 1, which was already set by the previous government. We will then move to 70%, which will further decrease to reach 65% in 2025. But be careful: in 2024, apart from interventions in the budget law, the superbonus will be reserved only for apartments. For villas, the tax rebate closes at the end of 2023. Both entities that had interventions launched by September 30, 2022 with at least 30% progress, and entities that started projects will have to complete spending by the end of the construction site year in 2023, respecting the family quotient criteria.

Architectural Barrier Bonus

The superbonus drop to 70% makes the other benefits very competitive. First on the list is certainly the 75 percent architectural barrier bonus. In fact, the bonus, in addition to having a very interesting percentage, allows you to apply a discount on the invoice or transfer options without any limitation and has a return of up to five years.

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In order to take advantage of this benefit, it is necessary that the supplier of the goods, the company carrying out the work or the qualified technician issues a statement on the pre-existing condition of things under his responsibility, and after the work is completed, the technician qualified person must draw up a statement regarding the overcoming and removal of architectural barriers. The barrier bonus is applicable not only to interventions such as the installation of elevators or hoists and ramps, but also to work such as the replacement of furnishings and bathroom renovations, even in individual apartments.


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