8 smart locks that will make you forget your house keys forever


Anyone who intends to make their home increasingly “intelligent” and modern must not underestimate the possibility of relying on smart locks for opening and closing doors. They are devices designed to complement (and replace) the use of classic keys and can offer a wide range of options to meet different needs. Starting from the simplest models that use a smartphone as a real passport through Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, to models equipped with a numeric keyboard and sensors for detecting fingerprints, the market offers top solutions that manage to combine practicality and a high level of security.

How to choose a smart lock

Although the market for smart locks is not particularly large, the available models have certain differences that should not be underestimated when buying. For this reason, it is essential to know what to look for and what options are available before making any type of choice.

  • Compatibility: although at first glance all doors may seem very similar, in fact there are an infinite number of models on the market that differ in aspects such as the depth and type of lock fitted as standard. For this reason, it’s important to check compatibility before purchasing any type of smart device that completely replaces or complements your lock. In this regard, various manufacturers provide precise information about the subject with data and measurements that will allow you to evaluate with maximum precision which solutions can adapt to the characteristics of your door.
  • Act: the smart locks in our gallery use two different technological solutions to achieve the same result. On the one hand, we have devices that do not replace the already present lock, but support it and automate the mechanism. This is an extremely convenient option and compatible with a wide range of ports that take care of turning the key whenever input is provided via a smartphone. On the other hand, we have real locks that completely replace the original ones. They require more attention during assembly, are usually easy to install, but have the great advantage of offering a greater number of operational options.
  • Opening system: one of the most interesting aspects of smart locks is that they offer a considerable number of options that allow you to control the opening and closing of the door with maximum convenience. Basically all models on the market can be unlocked with a smartphone with the ability to create timed keys for guests. Additions to this feature include numeric keypads for entering passwords and sensors that can be activated by fingerprint or NFC cards.
  • Connection: the Bluetooth connection allows you to control the interaction between the lock and the smartphone within a range that is usually around ten meters. Those looking instead for solutions that allow 100% remote control must opt ​​for models equipped with wifi, or those that can be connected to external modules that act as a bridge and allow entry into the smart ecosystem of their home.

Smart locks: our choices

When choosing the best smart locks, we used a very specific password: safety. As these are tools designed to manage access to your home, it is essential that they are guaranteed to be reliable and resistant to any tampering attempts. Staying on the topic of smart accessories, for those interested in expanding the action spectrum to create a real smart home, we have also prepared a series of galleries dedicated to gifts for home automation and smart displays, while for those looking for a solution to monitor your home anytime, anywhere, we recommend our roundup of the best outdoor and indoor cameras.


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