A Lego set that simulates the Earth’s orbit around the Sun


Straight from the catalog Lego Technic there’s an interesting new space-themed tutorial that lets you play with around half a thousand pieces the orbits of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun. Aimed at enthusiasts aged 10 and up, it includes everything you need to build a rotating, hand-twisted stand to better understand our planet’s path around a star and phenomena such as the changing of the seasons during different months. The release is scheduled for March at an attractive price.

Shortly after the launch of Polaroid, which celebrates the mythological OneStep SX-70 model, Lego officially launches a new compact and already highly acclaimed set called “Planet Earth and Moon in orbit”. The fulcrum of the system is the pedestal, which supports the Sun and which also accommodates it a small crank to turn to bring the model to life. The gear system actually moves the side arm with the Earth (properly tilted about its axis) which begins its rotation around the star. But not only: actually there’s little Luna too, which in turn will orbit the planet and influence its movement. To better understand the changing seasons throughout the year and the phases of the moon each month, graphic references are printed on the two rings at the base of the rotating pedestals of the Sun and Earth.

Side view of a Lego kit

Designed for families and Lego and space enthusiasts of all ages, this educational set consists of 526 pieces and the resulting structure will measure 24cm high and 33cm long. Naturally, you can also use the Lego Builder app to guide you in an immersive way as you build the bricks. The official site for Lego Technic set #42179 is now online and will be officially released on March 1, 2024 at a price of 79.99 euros.


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