A mini radiator as big as a smartphone


CozyPod is a mini-radiator the size of a smartphone, which plugs directly into an electrical outlet for efficient room heating thanks to the internal ceramic structure. This compact electric radiator It fits comfortably in backpacks and bags and is immediately ready to use to create the right warmth in an environment of around 20 square meters. It is currently one of the most funded projects Kickstarterpopular crowdfunding platform and winks at those who are sensitive to the cold and want to fight the cold winter wherever they are.

Plugging into a power outlet takes just two seconds, and the CozyPod can instantly turn on and heat rooms by radiating heat through the high-efficiency, low-power internal ceramic structure. Despite the limited size can work with 800 watts of power so as to regulate the temperature of rooms up to approx. 18.5 m2 up to a maximum of 31 degrees Celsius. It can be oriented vertically or horizontally to fit the wall or an available outlet, and also includes a display that informs you of the current mode of use and can be disconnected use it as a wireless remote control up to a distance of about 10 meters thanks to the small integrated battery. The picture is completed by LED light to create the right atmosphere, in short, a portable and smart alternative to modern heating systems.

The mini radiator can be plugged into sockets around the world thanks to interchangeable adapters and can be set to international units of measurement and actually blinks at those who are often outside and always want to create the right temperature everywhere, without having to rely on integrated heating systems. You can still finance the idea Kickstarter and get a CozyPod unit for a special price of 63 euros (-30% off the list price) with deliveries from March 2024. There is also the option to order a special hard and specially designed travel case for 10 euros more.


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