A motorized iPhone stand dedicated to creators


Belkin introduced a quirky new iPhone accessory, one in particular a custom motorized stand designed for creatorsdesigned to accurately track your subject while always keeping it in the center of the frame. Auto-Tracking Stand Pro It uses MagSafe to securely secure your Apple smartphone and smooth shooting, and the DockKit framework to recognize your subject and track like a true videographer.

The design of Belkin’s Stand Pro is divided into two parts, there is a cylindrical base, the top of which can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and a robotic arm that can be attached to an iPhone via MagSafe, which can orient the smartphone with a maximum 90-degree tilt. A combination of these two moves allows you to do this track all movements of the subject and you won’t need to install third-party apps to watch because you’ll be using Apple’s DockKit framework. This solution was introduced at WWDC 2023, specifically regarding third-party accessories that allow the iPhone to recognize people or animals and send information to automated systems to never lose a frame. Part of the robotic stand is a battery lasting up to 5 hours ideal if you’re recording TikTok dances outside or you can plug it into the mains (also charge your iPhone via MagSafe up to 15 watts), for example for remote yoga classes.

Compatibility with applications is maximum from the aforementioned TikTok to Instagram, from WhatsApp to Zoom to Microsoft Teams or the inevitable FaceTime. Synchronization between the iPhone and the stand is via NFC, while compatibility depends on MagSafe and therefore ranges from iPhone 12 and above. At the moment, only the US price is known, which will be $179 or according to the exchange rate Approximately 165 eurosbut it’s more than likely that the dollar=euro rate will remain the same as with other Belkin accessories that arrived in Europe shortly after their American debut.


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