A new version of Tesla’s humanoid robot


Tesla made its second generation official humanoid robot Tesla Optimus. The machine is now 10 kg lighter than the previous version and improves from every point of view walk 30% faster and move in a more natural, balanced and precise way. All actuators and sensors are manufactured in-house, which shows how much owner Elon Musk believes strongly in the project.

With Honda’s mythological Asimo now enjoying retirement, the Tesla Optimus seems to be its prime heir to the throne of the best humanoid robot. Unveiled in a unique way in 2021 at an idea-filled event for meme enthusiasts, the slot machine reappeared a year later, showing off in a more consistent fashion, as well as revealing much of the hardware and technology behind it. A few hours ago, Tesla removed the veils from its latest generation (second), which is significantly improved with a 10 kg lighter construction and more powerful actuators, thanks to which the automaton can go 30% faster and with more balance. The video shows him moving around a garage with some Cybertrucks in the background, perform squat-type bends and move your arms and hands in a natural and realistic way (and dance at the end of the clip). The look is also more refined, for a final result that resembles an almost final product and is no longer a preliminary prototype.

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In short, on paper, the project continues and finds the full support of Elon Musk, who is convinced that automatons can in the future to replace humans in a wide range of applicationsso much so that they open “a future where there will be no poverty“. A strong declaration that did not fully convince analysts and investors: the next few years will be crucial to see how many promises will be kept and which will remain purely marketing.


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