A physical keyboard case that turns your iPhone into a BlackBerry


There will be a special event at the next CES 2024 in Las Vegas, which is just around the corner Complete case with keyboard for iPhone which seemed to wink at BlackBerry nostalgia. Clicks is the shell that houses Apple smartphones from the 14th generation to the current one, and offers the physical buttons that made the Canadian brand rich, which dominated the early smartphone market. Naturally, the typical user is someone who loves or needs to type a lot from their mobile phone and wants more convenient and practical support than a virtual touch screen keyboard.

Clicks is designed for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 Pro models and it looks like a shell into which you can put your smartphone by connecting it through the Lightning / USB Type-C port, which serves as a connection and power supply (there is no Bluetooth or battery). The case, in turn, contains a USB or Lightning port on the bottom for “pass-through” charging or connection to other devices, while the colors are bright yellow and gray-blue called, not by chance, “London Sky”. Two goodies can be appreciated: the possibility of backlighting the keys to make them easier to see and the Command key typical of every Apple keyboard which allows you to use standard or customizable shortcuts through the companion Clicks app as well.

Retail price for the Clicks Keyboard Case in the US will be $139 (approx 127 euros) for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro, while the iPhone 14 and 15 Pro Max will rise to $159 (approx. 145 euros) with a February 1 release and in the spring; Release and pricing information for the global market is awaited. The cover will be present at the Ces 2024 fair, which will start shortly, here are all the other samples from the important fair in Las Vegas, which will open its doors on January 9.


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