A wearable projector that aims to replace a smartphone will arrive in March


The Humane AI Pin will officially debut next March in the United States as one of the most ambitious technological projects of recent times, as they will try to fulfill an alternative to the smartphone as a primary personal device. We already talked about the gadget a few weeks ago: it is a kind of wearable pin that relies heavily on microphones and artificial intelligence for natural interaction and does not attach any display, but projects the desired information into the palm. Will it be able to achieve the success that the two former Apple designers who invented it hope for?

How does it work

A few years ago, it was thought that smart glasses and mixed reality viewers could threaten the leadership of the smartphone as a technological gadget for everyday use, but this was not the case. The Humane AI Pin restarts the challenge by focusing on a completely new idea, namely a light and compact device that can be magnetically attached to clothing, that independently connects to the web, and that it projects information into the palm of your hand so you can do without a screen. The device relies on AI in all its functions: it can listen to the user’s voice and respond through the integrated speaker or send sound via Bluetooth to headphones; you’ll also be able to make calls, send messages, download apps and play music. The hardware also has a high-definition camera and depth sensors to understand the surrounding environment and track the user’s gestural commands, an alternative to voice and a small side trackpad as command input. For privacy reasons and because it contains a video camera, the gadget will flash a green LED to indicate that it is in operation.

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Debut and award

The Humane AI Pin will be released in the US in March for €699 (635 euros according to the current exchange rate) also requires a monthly subscription 24 dollars (about 22 euros) for a data connection through the operator T-Mobile. The release in Europe will take place in a second phase, but there is still no exact information on prices and dates. The Humane AI Pin is the brainchild of two former Apple designers, Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, who designed the device over five years and received more than $200 million in funding, including from Microsoft and OpenAI’s Sam Altman.


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