A weekend full of good weather in the north, cold and windy in the south What’s in store next week?


Rough seas, strong winds and falling temperatures
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Disturbance of cold air over Italy: in these hours, Bora winds in the upper Adriatic, storms between Calabria and Sicily, snow in hilly areas in the Apennines. Bad weather is moving south, there is a threat of thunderstorms.

Weather for the weekend: snow on the hills in the south, thunderstorms in Sicily

Weather forecast for Saturday, December 16 characterized by a further drop in temperatures in the center and south: these are expected snowfall up to mountain locations in Abruzzo, Molise, Calabria, Basilicata and Gargano, Sardinia will be swept by strong Grecale winds with possible storm waves on exposed coastswhile the Ionian Sea will be dominated by Tramontana with strong gusts and rough seas.

On Alps the sky introduces itself quiet with the exception of border areas where some wind blown snow showers cannot be ruled out while aloft Tuscany, Umbria AND Lazio we will have beautiful sunshine, so the sky will be clear, but the day will be windy.

Sunday, December 17 good weather in the north and also in Tuscany, Lazio and western sectors Sardiniawhile strong Grecale winds will blow across the central Adriatic and south with occasional thickening on the east-facing slopes of the Apennines.

In Sicily we find the best weather up there Agrigento, Nissen AND Ragusawhile further north in the stretch of coast between Palermo AND Messina showers are not excluded, e.g some snow on reliefs above 1200 meters.

The trend of the new week: sun on the mountains, fog on the plains

The new week begins with a decisive comebackHypertension which will give us a Monday, December 18 characterized by good weather with clear or partly cloudy skies in all regions, but returning fog in the banks in the early morning hours in the Po valley, maximum temperatures are restored due to sufficient sunshine, minimum temperatures decrease with frozen in the Center’s internal tanks and locally in the Po valley.

Tuesday, December 19 the protagonist of the high pressure over Italy: the only clouds can still affect Sicily and ion sector Calabriawhile elsewhere we will have good weather with skies peace in the mountainslow cloud cover, fogs and banks of fog in the early morning hours in the Po Valley and in the interior basins of central Italy.

In the following days, it will determine the persistence of high pressure stagnation of pollutants in the lower layers of the atmosphere and the deterioration of air quality, which could be very bad Wednesday, December 20 like in the city Turnip, Milan, Brescia, Verona AND Trevisobut also in some areas of the Center: black jersey in Frosinone where, in addition to some fogs, insufficient ventilation will lead to increased smog.


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