A wireless surveillance camera with a battery that lasts for one year


Lindo Ultra is the ultimate smart surveillance camera designed for outdoor installation without too much effort and without connecting any wires for power or data connection. Its special feature is truly top-notch autonomy, given that it can do this despite its high performance operate continuously for one year. On paper, it offers a very interesting range of functions from 4k recording to full color night vision, but also a bright beacon and a powerful siren.

The Lindo Ultra surveillance camera is a wall-mounted cube that connects via WiFi to your home or business internet network and contains a large battery that can power the system for an entire year. Considerable autonomy, given that it supports energy-intensive components such as Front headlight 600 lumens (even three times the segment diameter), a siren over 120 decibels, but above all, recording up to 4k (without the need to sign up for another subscription) and full color night vision. The hardware also includes a Bluetooth module to connect to a smartphone from the accompanying app and configure all custom settings in about a minute, compatibility with the most popular voice assistants and ecosystems and waterproof body with IP67 certification. Once the battery is discharged, it can be restored in a short time thanks to fast charging usb.

There is artificial intelligence on board, which effectively recognizes the scanned object up to a distance of approximately 10 meters and distinguishes people from animals, objects or cars. You can still fund the project Kickstarter by securing the kit with two Lindo Ultra surveillance camera units at a bargain price 180 euros 50% off the official price list at launch. Shipments will begin next March, or else here’s our pick of the best smart home surveillance cameras.


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