AirPods 4 will have a new design


AirPods 4 will welcome numerous innovations on the level design, hardware and functionality make a clear evolutionary leap that will reduce the distance from the Pro models. The future generation Apple bluetooth headphones it will be released during 2024 with a redesigned structure and components designed for high-quality listening even in noisy environments and with improvements also in terms of the charging case.

PUSH fourth generation AirPods it will look more and more like AirPods Pro inside and out. PUSH the bar is shortened to length to compact size (already minimal) and weight with a more powerful microphone for clear voice capture. It is not yet clear whether silicone capsules like the Pro will also be introduced to also promote more grip after wearing, but it is likely that this seems to be the solution that users will appreciate the most. The restyling will also cover the charging and portable case, which in addition to the USB Type-C port, it will also include speakers to make it easier to turn on the siren and find a nearby device using the Find tool. The main innovation in terms of hardware and functionality isIt will have active noise cancellation (anc) limited to Pro models for now, which will isolate when listening by eliminating all background noise.

There will also be a feature on board turn AirPods 4 into headphones with a software update that also affects models already on the market; there will also be a test to assess your hearing and see if anything is wrong so you can look into it further with a doctor. The new headphones are expected to be introduced in the second half of the year, it seems likely that they will be revealed together with the future iPhone 16 at the keynote next September 2024. The new generation of AirPods Max, or the top-of-the-ear headphones of the range, will also arrive in next year and will include a USB Type-C port, new colors and a few minor design changes. the new AirPods Pro will be seen in 2025.


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