Apple’s patent for displaying images and writing on the Vision Pro external display


1st January Apple patent dedicated to Vision Pro who imagines using the large front display for display images, text or animations. From hearts to wording Do not disturb (do not disturb), the idea is to expand the action area of ​​the front of the viewer, which at the moment is limited to the ability to display the eyes of the person wearing it or the color pattern. Among the inventors cited in the documents is also the famous designer Jony Ive, who has long since left Cupertino, although he continues to work persistently with his new company LoveFrom.

The starting point of Apple’s patent is to give free rein to an external display officially known as Vision, which at the moment can display a colorful animation when the headset is on and the user is immersed in virtual worlds, or behaves like a virtual bystander and shows (in a slightly disturbing way) the eyes that are captured by the internal cameras. On paper this screen it already has everything you need to function as a regular display and therefore the idea is to use it to display nice images such as hearts, sunglasses, photos, but also animations such as sound waves or an electrocardiogram, written at the discretion of the user also to inform, for example, that you are busy, if you are in a meeting in virtual reality or even information from widgets like a weather forecast. It was possible to manage everything from the internal menu and leave full freedom of action. As usual, a registered patent does not mean that the innovation will be introduced, but in the meantime the ground has been prepared.

Documentation discovered from a dedicated portal Patented by Apple and published on the official US patent website (Uspto – United States Patent and Trademark Office) last January 1 talks about a general browser, but the reference to Vision Pro is explicit, especially considering Apple’s intellectual property. It is possible that at the time of application for registration the final name has not yet been chosen, especially considering that among the names of inventors at the forefront is Jony Ive, who left the company in 2019. In fact, final patent approval can often take many months, if not years. In addition, his company LoveFrom has Apple as its first and main customer. In recent years, Ive also collaborated with Airbnb or the British charity Comic Relief with a special red clown nose.


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