Artificial intelligence is Samsung’s new mantra


AI also intervenes in the most dynamic scenes, making images significantly sharper. You will especially appreciate the Motion Enhancer Pro function when watching sports events. The innovative ones are also interesting facilitation function: Samsung Neo QLED TVs can actually be controlled by gestures for the deaf, while for the blind, the Audio Subtitle function converts subtitles to audio in real time.

Products for everyone

The Korean company has also renewed a range of Life Style products, most notably the projector The premiere of 8K, the first to support a wireless transmission system capable of transmitting content wirelessly at this resolution. The news is also aimed at premium users Tailor-made AI family center with 4 doors. The refrigerator has a 32″ screen and has an AI Vision Inside system that uses an internal chamber recognize up to 33 different foodsdesigning ad hoc recipes and tracking food expiration to reduce waste.

Samsung also announced the arrival of the series during the US event Galaxy Book4the notebook line that best integrates new AI features, especially Microsoft Copilot.


However, there are two products that have generated more interest and curiosity, transparent Micro LED and home assistant Ballies. The display, which looks like transparent glass, is capable of reproducing high-resolution images and graphics, and has a modular design and its dimensions can be adjusted as needed. At the moment it seems to be aimed more at professional applications, but it could also be used in a home environment.

The house, on the other hand, is the perfect place for Ballie to roam, a versatile robot that Samsung is constantly developing and improving. The new edition presented at the fair is clearly supported by more robust artificial intelligence functions, especially when interacting with users using natural language. In addition, small projectors allow information and videos to be displayed on walls and floors, helping to answer questions in a more engaging way. However, it still remains a concept without a specific launch date.


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