Aston Martin Valhalla, 998 HP on the road


Finally, after the first concept shown in 2019, we have news about the new one Aston Martin Valhalla they were a little lost. After the tests carried out on the Silverstone circuit, the supercar can finally offer us new interesting details.

Silverstone tests

He named this supercar Valhalla, as well as the stately room reserved for the Norse heroes who died in battle, it seems that it has now completed its tests carried out at the Silverstone circuit and is therefore ready to go. This is Aston Martin’s first hybrid supercar. It is equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine with two flat-crank turbochargers and three electric motors. These are located two on the front axle and one integrated in the gearbox. This allows it to have a power of 998 horsepower. Reverse has been sacrificed to save weight, but the action will be allowed torque vectoring controlled by front electric motors.

The supercars they’re always fascinating, and there was a lot of talk a while back about the Rosse LM GT, which was also probably destined for sports racing. Returning to the Aston Martin Valhalla, all-wheel drive will be standard, and the main features of the Aston Martin supercar certainly include aerodynamics. This feature is complemented by an adjustable spoiler, as can be seen from the results obtained at Silverstone during these tests. The Valhalla also benefits from active front and rear wings. There are small protrusions on the rear wheels. The company claims to have put hundreds of hours into it test together with the engineers and his Formula 1 team.

Aston Martin Valhalla, chasing achievements

Valhalla is the first step to the future completely electric for the British automaker, with the first electric vehicle expected to go on sale in 2025. These electric Astons will use a specific EV architecture developed by the very same company. As for Valhalla, production is expected to begin next year. Only 999 units will be produced, but the price is not yet known. However, the price is rumored to be much lower than the Valkyrie, which is a good £2.75m instead.


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