At Christmas, the weather will be mild and without rain


AGI – A Christmas with mild temperatures AND without significant precipitation on Italy. Currently fieldhigh pressure of Azores origin expands over the Atlantic Ocean with values ​​up to 1050 hPa (hectoPascal). Until today completely stable weather, to follow between Wednesday and Thursday we will see an increase in cloud cover but without associated phenomena, thanks to the rapid passage of the depression over the lower Mediterranean).

The latest updates from the Italian Meteorological Center confirm this for the weekend before Christmas persistence of high pressure with temperatures generally above seasonal averages, in a completely zonal baric context.

WEATHER FORECAST FOR TOMORROW IN THE NORTH Cloudy over northern areas in the morning, but no associated phenomena. Afternoon to evening stable and dry weather with gradual clearing from the northwest. Clear skies prevailed during the night, but with mists, fogs and low clouds in the Po Valley.

ON WEDNESDAY In the morning, stable weather with clear or slightly cloudy skies in all regions. Between the afternoon and evening hours, increasing clouds, until the sky will be very cloudy, but with weather that will remain dry.

IN THE SOUTH AND IN THE ISLANDS In the morning, stable weather with clear or partly cloudy skies, greater accumulation in southern Sicily with local phenomena. Increasing clouds in the afternoon, but with dry weather in Sardinia, clear or partly cloudy elsewhere. Rain will also arrive in Sardinia in the evening, in other regions dry with clear or partly cloudy skies. Minimum and maximum temperatures stable or slightly decreasing from north to south.

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