Audi A7 Avant 2025: what the new station wagon will be like


Audi is about to make significant changes to its business strategy. With the handover from Markus Duesmann to Gernot Dollner on 1 September, the Ingolstadt company is preparing for a new journey. A significant decrease was recorded in registrations, which obviously worried the top management of the Volkswagen Group. Oliver Blume, the head of the conglomerate, voiced complaints ahead of the CEO change. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. In this context, the next vehicles cannot disappoint. To revive the image of the German brand, the electric and combustion models will be easily recognizable: the former will have even numbers, the latter odd. The second category includesAudi A7 Avant 2025, which is none other than the next generation of the current A6 Avant. The old name will instead be assigned to the equivalent OOP-based E-Tron model, with no close family ties. Both projects will be clearly different.

Audi A7 Avant: station wagon that replaces the A6

Audi A7 rendering

When it comes to the Audi A7 Avant spotted by photographers during road tests, it’s possible to draw ideas about the style from the images and leaked rumors. Overall, the design will share common elements with the smaller A5 Avant, which is expected to replace the A4 Avant. At the front, the Audi A7 Avant will have slimmer and redesigned headlights, an aerodynamic hood and a distinctive hexagonal grille. While projecting into the future, the car will also reference the past to satisfy the tastes of more traditional customers, avoiding too radical a change that might disorient old fans. The lights will be updated with the latest technology.


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