Audi and Mercedes: Huawei software is tempting


Audi AND Mercedes they are targeting China to strengthen their position in the electric car sector. Beijing’s lead in software development has made both automakers reconsider Huawei. Chinese society, which originally thought only of national cooperation, has recently shown signs of opening up to the West. The hi-tech giant is rumored to be considering selling small shares of its software division to overcome restrictive regulations.

Audi and Mercedes are evaluating a partnership with Huawei to use its software

Electric Audi

Huawei is still subject to US sanctions imposed in 2019. Therefore, the company intends to separate its software division, the so-called Intelligent Automotive Solution (IAS). The involvement of third parties and foreign investors would allow Huawei to operate with greater freedom and avoid geopolitical tensions. With an estimated value of between 25 and 32 billion euros, IAS will be spun off from Huawei with the aim of becoming a major supplier of software for intelligent electric vehicles.


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