Audi Q3 2025: what will be the enemy of Mercedes EQB


L’Audi Q3 it did not achieve the desired success, at least compared to the previous generation. Market numbers were lower than expected, and with a change in management in Ingolstadt, a relaunch is the goal. As one of the key models in the Audi range, the second series should have done better. A total of 282,000 units were sold in four years compared to 635,000 of his predecessor in seven years of his honorable career. Great and fierce competition complicated the plans. As a result, designers are aiming for a breakthrough year of 2025. Camouflaged forklifts are already seen on German roads, which is a clear sign of the coming revolution.

Audi Q3 2025: the electric SUV that anticipates the future of Ingolstadt. What will be the new model inspired by the Q4 e-tron and Q6 e-tron.

Rendering of the 2025 Audi Q3

It’s a must, especially after the brand’s CEO Markus Duesmann lost his job due to disappointing results. Now the Q3 is entrusted to Gernot Dollner and requires exclusive treatment. And what better way to pursue redemption than with a vehicle that has seen great success in the past? The debut may have exceeded expectations, leading to a significant increase in performance levels for the second installment. Despite the delay, the steps planned by the company could bring back the much-needed luster.


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