Audi Q3 spied in Scandinavia with split headlight trim


Winter tests carried out in the north of Scandinavia show new imagesAudi Q3, a crossover that the German giant is preparing. As usual, the vehicle was completely covered in camouflage except for the generic looking wheels. Anyway, the design lines make it clear that the company is keeping the model in line with the company’s other more modern vehicles.

New crossover rumors

From what could be seen Changes they appear more clearly in the front panel, with a strange radiator grille that seems to come from a Polestar, combined with a split headlight arrangement. Experts immediately understood the detail enough to talk about potentially very strange beacons. Customers with the latest Audi Q8 SUVs also have the option to customize their headlights thanks to advanced HD Matrix LED technology. Although Q3 represents a Model definitely cheaper and should therefore be included in a different range, it is very likely that the automaker decided to make this customization available for this car as well.

The new interior arrangement should also give the car a larger dimension wide, is therefore larger than its predecessor. As for styling, it seems clear that the Q5’s styling won’t influence the Q3 in question in the slightest. When it comes to engines, Audi’s wide range for this interesting Q3. These are also expected plugins hybridbut none of them will be equipped with a manual transmission.

Audi Q3, the countdown begins

We will probably have to wait almost a year for the launch of this new car. The release is actually scheduled for the end of the year 2024. The Audi Q3 has been rumored for a while now, but until something official is announced, we can of course only speculate based on some footage stolen from the web. However, some precise information is missing. Two are rumored to be available PHEVwith the base version producing 201 horsepower and the mid-range variant providing up to 268 horsepower.


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