Audi, the future is a hybrid: a strategy between electric cars and internal combustion engines


Audi prefers a cautious approach to electric cars. The head of the Ingolstadt house, Gernot Dollner, outlined the brand’s plans for the next few years in an interview with Bloomberg. After a promising start, the brand’s ambitions gradually faded to its current state. What went wrong? Several factors contributed to this. Between the internal crisis at Cariad, the Volkswagen Group’s software development division, and various logistical complications, managers lost their bearings.

An example is the case of the Q6 e-tron, considered the pioneer of a new era at least on paper. However, launch plans were regularly derailed due to problems encountered along the way. Irritated by the constant setbacks, the group’s board members expressed “no confidence” in Markus Duesmann, the previous CEO. There were huge misunderstandings between him and some senior officials (unidentified) which culminated in the dismissal of the top manager.

Audi will not only focus on electric: Gernot Dollner’s strategy

Audi Q6 e-tron

Under Dollner’s leadership, Audi could be back on track. However, aware of the mistakes of the past, the intention is to approach the ecological transition gradually. In addition to “pure” electric cars, the company will also retain combustion engine vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles in its portfolio. After evaluating internal adaptability to the change, they decided to slow down to avoid workload for both the internal team and dealers. This policy is similar to that adopted by BMW and Mercedes, which continue to offer a diverse range of powertrains. However, both rivals have introduced a more cohesive market approach, while Audi seems to be witnessing a development that continues. The overall vision is difficult to pinpoint, perhaps due to the complications they have faced in the past. If on the one hand the challenges were great, on the other hand the current CEO has an “exceptional sponsor”: Oliver Blum, who knows him well because he already worked with him at Porsche.

Dollner’s task is to transform Audi from a major player in traditional powertrains to a reference point in electrics, he told Bloomberg. The goal is to lay a solid foundation for a better metabolizing process.

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