bad weather in the south, frost on the plains in the north


Bad weather returns to the south, storms in Sicily
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Weather forecast for the next few days characterized by worsening weather conditions in the Central-South region, increasing cold in the north with night frosts.

Cyclone over Italy: civil protection weather warning

Civil protection has issued a weather warning valid for the whole day Thursday, January 11 on the channel of Calabria and Sicily.

Yellow weather warning concerning common critical issues due to hydraulic, hydrogeological risk and possible storm formation on the Tyrrhenian side Sicilythe archipelago of the Aeolian Islands and the entire eastern sector, from Messina on Syracuse. Yellow alert for common critical issues due to hydraulic and hydrogeological hazards in the central and southern sectors Calabria.

Bad weather on Thursday in the south and in Sardinia, night frosts in the north

Plus the weather forecast Thursday, January 11 confirm the formation of a depressed circulation in the vicinity Sardinia with the subsequent strengthening of the Grecale winds in the north of the island, which will bring many clouds across our entire south and to the island, intense rains in the north of Sardiniaon and also on ion sectors Calabria AND Sicilylocally bad weather could reach k Salento.

Skies will also be cloudy in the rest of the south with possible thunderstorms above Palermo, Trapanithe archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, Egadi and Pantelleriawidespread rain in the rest of the south, less intense in the central-northern sectors of Puglia with snow in the Apennines above 1300 meters.

The best weather can be found in the north, especially in Triveneto where the sky will be clear, but with it the minimum temperatures will drop drastically extensive frosts in Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Venetotemperatures will also drop below zero at night in the Emilian and Lombardy plains and in the interior basins of Tuscany.

Weather forecast Friday January 12: bad weather in Sicily

The main feature Friday, January 12 it will be there wind which will blow moderately to strongly in the Ionian Sea and the eastern sector of the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, causing these seas to be very rough. maybe bitterness on exposed coasts, while a mild Tramontana will blow in the central Adriatic and Sardinia, where seas will be rough to very rough, but weather conditions are expected to improve.

Clear or partly cloudy skies in the north, over Tuscany, north of Marche and Lazio: in these areas minimum temperatures will drop below zero at night while the climate remains cool during the day.

Worth mentioning banks of fog nocturnal in the Po plain along the Po river, especially between the provinces praises, Mantua, Rovigo AND Ferrara.

Weather for the weekend: sunny Saturday, new disturbance on Sunday 14th January

Weather forecast for Saturday, January 13 characterized by good weather over much of Italy, residual strengthening of the Tramontana River in the south with local thickening in northern Sicily, but low risk of rain, low cloud, fog and banks of fog in the valley of the Po rapidly dissolving in the central hours of the day.

The weekend will start very well for Italy, but it will be noticeably cold during the night extensive night frosts in Valpadana in conjunction with the fog that will give rise to the phenomenon Galaverna capable of creating suggestive landscapes, but endangering road traffic.

A significant improvement in weather conditions is expected in the south and in Sardinia, we will have winds from the north that will sweep the clouds, the last thickening will be found in the Ionian Sea, which will still be very stormy.

Sunday, January 14 the best weather can be found on the middle and lower side of the Adriatic and in the south, where the sky will be clear or partly cloudy in the morning. banks of fogwill reduce visibility over the Po plain.
The disturbance will bring the first rains to eastern Liguria, upper Tuscany and the Emilian Apennines with a worsening trend in the rest of Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Campania due to the arrival of rain that will affect all regions of Central and Southern Italy except Sicily in the evening.

It is also planned snow in the Apennines above 1200 meters above sea level in the central sector, 1400 meters in the south.


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