BMW Neue Klasse: the new face of premium electric


Revealed in concept form, BMW new class will be one of the next big Bavarian releases. In addition to inspiring the entire family of electric cars, it will also have series production. Last month, the “four-wheeled paparazzi” spotted the forklift during road tests. Although the presentation will not take place before 2025, the pixel masters are already having fun with the idea of ​​its final form. This is the case of Kolesa, whose creations often arouse general interest due to the undeniable quality of his works. Like the showcar revealed in early 2023, the digital reconstruction also includes a very different nose compared to the German brand’s current models.

BMW Neue Klasse: The premium class SUV will usher in a new electric era

Rendering of the BMW Neue Class

Sharp LED headlights are therefore embedded in large double kidney grilles and give the car a rather masculine and purposeful look. Viewed in profile, the pictured car resembles the current iX, complete with angular wheel arches and special D-pillars. The designers borrowed the wheels from their sister; however, they will necessarily be different in a few years when they arrive on the market.

Regarding the “B side” there is a decisive and characteristic character. The eye immediately falls on the angular rear LED lights, but the sharp edges of the trunk lid and bumper also stand out. The technical specifications have not yet been shared by the Propeller Company and it may be a while before we have a definitive answer. However, the most accepted theory is that it will have single and twin engine configurations. It is also possible that the M variant, a division of the company specializing in high-performance cars, will also be revived.

BMW has officially highlighted how its Neue Klasse architecture is capable of supporting up to 1,000 total kW or 1,341 HP. Extraordinary power, difficult to achieve in the final model. Exceeding 700 HP would be quite an achievement. According to a reconstruction by CarScoops, the world premiere of the BMW Neue Klasse could take place in the second half of 2025 before it goes on sale. Its time will strike ahead of the 3 Series sedan.

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