Bologna also defeats Roma and flies to fourth place


AGI – Bologna continue to fly and dream, also beating Roma in the Champions League head-to-head to reclaim fourth place in the table, ahead of Napoli and Fiorentina again. Al Dall’Ara finish 2-0 thanks to Mora’s first-half goal and Kristensen’s own goal in the second half: Thiago Motta’s team thus rises to 28 points in the standingswhile Mourinho’s men return to defeat in the Championship after five useful results in a row to remain 25th.

Intensity, fouls and high tension rule the first part of the match, in which very little happens near the two penalty areas. The first ring came from the Giallorossi and came in the 31st minute when Belotti headed in Kristensen’s cross and found a good save from Ravaglia. A few minutes later, the Rossoblu took the lead at the other end: Ndoye ran down the right and surprised the Giallorossi defence, puts it into the center for the onrushing Mora, who can’t miss 1-0 from just a few steps..

At the beginning of the shot Bologna doubled its lead thanks to Kristensen’s own goal, unlucky to collide with Ndoya and Rui Patricio to Ferguson’s low cross from the right. Roma tried to react nervously, but found a compact and well-organized defence, able to allow very little dangerous space: in the 69th minute, Pellegrini tried with a right-footed shot from inside the box, which was blocked by the prudent Lucumì. The Giallorossi would have a chance to open the game up again in the 80th minute, but Belotti lets himself be mesmerized by Ravaglia one-on-one after a nice vertical move.

Clear defeat and no extenuating circumstances for The Roma who come out of Bologna are diminished and have more difficulties: Renato Sanches. The Portuguese, “obsessed” by sporting director Thiago Pinto and Giallorossi hopefuls, comes on in the second half for a lackluster Spinazzola but stays on the pitch for less than twenty minutes.

Mourinho surprisingly – mainly his own – lets him out and is replaced by Edoardo Bove in the 64th minute. A mystery as to the reason for the change, but it’s likely that Mou replaced him because he didn’t like his approach on the field (first four balls played: three lost badly and the fourth lost after a foul). At this point, it’s hard to think that the former Euro 2016 prodigy’s future is still in Rome next year, regardless of his health and the numerous injuries he’s been dealing with.

Words from the Portuguese coach

The future in Rome

“I want to continue in Rome. If I continue here, but we have to think about the limits of financial fair play. Maybe it is better to work more on some young players, to develop some potential, than to work on players who have nothing to develop in the relationship to the future. I’m open to thinking in a different way.”

The Giallorossi coach specifies that contacts for renewal with the club have not yet begun. “We didn’t talk about it, it’s the first time I’m saying it – he explained to Dazno – when I see that these fans support the team 90 minutes with all the money they spent on the trip, I think for me ‘breakup’ It would be difficult. If there will be a breakup, it will never be my decision.”

I apologize to Sanchez

“A hug from the whole Mihajlovic family, which I couldn’t hug before the match. I apologize to them. Then I also apologize to Renato Sanches. What I felt is hard for a footballer, but even harder for a footballer.” Coach. I did it 3, 4 times in my career,” pointed out the Roma coach.


“Without Dybala, there is no class. Without Lukaku, the physicality is missing. Without both of them, I knew it would be difficult. The players on the pitch wanted to be better and give more, but if we didn’t have any problem on a tactical level, we had a big problem on a physical level. They have people with motor, foot and intensity. We don’t have many players with foot.”

“Mancini is in big trouble, he plays with a difficult groin. He plays because he wants to help and the team needs him, which is an example. Not all players are in the same situation as him.” According to Mourinho, “if all the players are available, there is enough quality to fight hard enough like in other seasons. When we don’t have the essential players, it’s difficult.”


“It seemed to me that a second yellow card came for their centre-back, who was then replaced by Thiago Motta (Beukema ed.). But I don’t want to criticize Guida, it’s difficult to make certain statements after the match like that.”

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