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An agreement was reached on generational change in Bper. On the night of December 22-23, the trade union of the Emilian bank, headed by the general manager Piero Luigi Montani and the Banking Federation, which is chaired by the Secretary General Lando Maria Sileoni have signed three agreements regarding the rationalization of the network that providesvoluntary departure of 1,000 resources accompanied by 500 new employees and the stabilization of 200 workers and temporary workers.

Three agreements in detail

The first agreement stipulates the exit from 1000 workers with a retirement window until January 2031, also through voluntary membership in the Solidarity Fund, while simultaneously guaranteeing recruitment 500 young people with open-ended contracts and stabilization of 200 submitted. The second agreement includes protections aimed at limiting the impact on workers involved in the bank’s upcoming branch closures. The third agreement, defined as a “bridge”, finally lays the groundwork for a protection solution for workers who will have to cover new tasks in a new operating model with the introduction of guarantees for classification paths that have not yet been completed.

Satisfaction from Fabi

“The negotiation, which had few precedents due to its complexity and the topics addressed, made it possible to achieve strategic goals for managing the impact on colleagues that result from ongoing or soon-to-be-grounded reorganizations,” commented the coordinator Fabi in the Bper group. Antonella Sborowho expressed “satisfaction with the conclusion of an intensive and complex negotiation process in which the Fabi delegation was, as always, cohesive and firm in its objectives”.

For the National Secretary Uilca (Uil Credit, debt collector and insurance), Giuseppe Del Vecchio“It is the journey of the Bper group following the recently renewed collective credit agreement that confirms the level of good industrial relations”. While for the secretary in charge of Uilc in Bper, Giovanni Dettori, ¬ęthese agreements represent another step forward on the path of renewal and development of our group, which has grown rapidly in recent years. It is certainly a confirmation of Uilco’s commitment to listening to people’s needs and valuing them.” (All rights reserved)


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