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Mef has mandated an international group of banks to syndicate a dual tranche on Tuesday 9 January consisting of a new seven-year BTP maturing in February 2031 and a reopening for an amount not exceeding €5 billion. 30-year BTP due October 1, 2053 and coupon 4.50% (ISIN IT0005534141).

At the end of the morning, the operation was closed: BTP saw 10 billion euros placed until 2031, but received a demand of more than 73 billion. By 2053, BTP recorded 5 billion orders, totaling over 91 billion euros. In total, the Treasury raised a demand for more than 164 billion against 15 billion of debt placed in the market.

In a note, the MEF points out that the auction of 7-year BTP and BTP with a maturity of more than 10 years planned for January 11, 2024 will not take place. The banks involved in Tuesday’s BTP placement are MPS, Credit Agricole Investment Bank, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs Bank Europe and JP Morgan.

Yields between 3.5% and 4.5%

Mef therefore placed a 7-year BTP maturing on February 15, 2031, on Tuesday, January 9. The issue provides a six-month fixed-rate coupon with a spread of 6 basis points over the November 2030 BTP (the latter, in the market at 102.99, has a gross yield of 3 .48%).

The January 10, 2053 BTP closes at 21 basis points above the September 2052 BTP yield (which is priced at 65 and yields 4.27% to maturity). (All rights reserved)

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