Car incentives 2024, discount up to 13,750 euros. Here are all the numbers


We have reached a turning point in the long question of Car incentives 2024. Minister of Trade and Made in Italy, Adolfo Ursoannounced that a decree would be created, which should solve the still defective incentives by the end of January next year by accumulating the surpluses of previous years with an allocation 570 millionreaching 930 million euros, with a capacity of 6 billion euros by 2030.

This new position also envisages the reorganization of the bonus according to the emission bands to allow more significant benefits for the most desired band on the market, thus meeting the demand that is mainly focused on combustion cars from 61 to 135 g/km CO2. A bonus that provided a maximum of 5,000 euros in the case of scrappage for the purchase of a 100% electric vehicle, it can increase up to 11,000 euros for the scrapping of older cars such as Euro 0 and Euro 1. An upward change in the maximum price ranges is also expected, but not yet defined, which is currently €35,000 plus VAT for BEVs and thermal vehicles and €45,000 plus VAT for plug-in modules. The scrap allowance even rises to 13,750 euros for low-income families, which corresponds to an ISEE value of up to 30,000 euros.

Likely motivational scenarios

To recap, for you electric there are incentives from €6,000 without scrapping fee up to €11,000 for scrapping a car up to 2. For ISEE under €30,000 they range from €7,500 to €13,750. The price limit for cars remains set at 35,000 euros plus VAT. Everything can be summarized as follows:

  • No scrapping fee: €6,000 (€7,500 for ISEE under €30,000)
  • Euro 4 scrapping fee: 9,000 euros (11,250 euros for ISEE under 30,000 euros)
  • Euro 3 scrapping fee: 10,000 euros (12,500 for ISEE under 30,000 euros)
  • Scrapping fee up to Euro 2: 11,000 euros (13,750 euros for ISEE under 30,000 euros)

However, when it comes to range 21-60 g/km CO2plug-ins, with a spending limit of up to 45,000 euros + VAT, this is the scheme:

  • No scrapping fee: €4,000 (€5,000 for ISEE under €30,000)
  • Scrap Euro 4: €5,500 (€6,875 for ISEE under €30,000)
  • Scrap Euro 3: 6,000 euros (7,500 for ISEE under 30,000 euros)
  • Scrapping fee up to €2: €8,000 (€10,000 for ISEE under €30,000)

For Euro 6 s emissions between 61 and 135 g/km CO2, p price limit of 35,000 euros plus VAT, the new incentives should be distributed as follows:

  • No scrapping: no incentive
  • Euro 4 scrapping fee: 1,500 euros
  • Euro 3 scrapping fee: 2,000 euros
  • Scrapping fee up to 2 Euro: 3,000 Euro


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