Car incentives 2024, discount up to 13,750 euros


Official confirmation is lacking, but car incentives by 2024 could give the entire sector a real breath of fresh air. As predicted for Il Sole 24 Ore by the Made in Italy trade minister Adolfo Russo, by 2024 car incentives will reach up to 2 euros for scrapping a car up to 13,750 euros for electric cars in the range of 0-20 grams of CO2. , 8,000 euros for the 21-60 gram CO2 plug-in hybrids and 10,000 euros for the 61-135 gram C02 range. The highest numbers are dedicated to natural persons with an ISEE of less than 30,000 euros, while for natural and legal persons without restrictions, the numbers are reduced but remain definitely interesting. As in the past, the maximum spending cap will be: 35,000 euros ex VAT for electric cars and the 61-135 range, while the 21/60 gram CO2 range reaches 45,000 ex VAT. Incentives for cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and four-wheelers will be active from mid-January to early February, when the Prime Minister’s new decree comes into effect. Allowance confirmed for motorcycles, scooters, tricycles and quadricycles. Electric models will have a discount of up to 40% up to 4,000 euros, if the purchase is accompanied by a scrap of 0, 1, 2 or 3 euros. We are also preparing incentives for thermal models.

Incentives for new cars 2024, even without scrappage

The three bands of car incentives for 2024 will be: 0-20 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, 21-60, 61-135, which will therefore also include Euro6 diesel and gasoline models. Only in the first two categories there is an increase of 25% for natural persons with an ISEE of less than 30 thousand euros, and legal entities are accepted, including rental companies, but not dealers. Without cancellation, the contribution will be €6,000 in the 0-20 range, €4,000 in the 21-60 range, while there is no incentive for the third range. Scrapping a Euro2 car without a reduced ISEE gives you a discount of 11,000 for the first band, 8,000 for the second and 3,000 for the third (which becomes 10,000 euros with the reduced ISEE). The cancellation of Euro3 will be a discount of 10,000 for electric (12,500 euros with reduced ISEE), 6,000 euros for phev and 2,000 euros for the third level (7,500 euros with reduced ISEE). Euro4 scrapping starts at €9,000 for electric (€11,250 with reduced ISEE), €5,500 for phev and €1,500 for third band (€6,875 with reduced ISEE).

Car incentives 2024, electric models

According to the specified parameters, the first series includes a long list of electric models including Abarth 500e, Byd Dolphin and Atto3, Citroen e-C4 and e-C4x, Cupra Born, Dacia Spring, Dr1, Ds3, Fiat 600e, Nissan Leaf, Opel Corsa and Mokka, Peugeot 208 and 2008, Megane e-Tech, Scenic electric, Renault Twingo and Zoe, Smart #1 and #3, Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen Id.3 and Volvo Ex30 and Xc40.

Car incentives 2024, plug-in models

According to the specified parameters, the second series includes a long list of plug-in models including the Alfa Romeo Tonale, Audi A3 and Q3, BMW Serie 2 Active Tourer and Serie 3 Touring, Citroen C5X, Cupra Formentor, Ford Kuga, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Compass, Kia Niro, Mazda Mx30 , Mercedes B-Class, Mini Countryman, Peugeot 3008 and Opel Astra.

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Car incentives 2024, hybrid and thermal models

According to the specified parameters, the third band includes a long list of hybrid, petrol and diesel models including the Audi Q2, BMW Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland, Peugeot 308, Škoda Kamiq, Suzuki Swift and Toyota Chr.


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