CEO of A22 Sports Management, “Super League will be the best competition”


AGI – “Football is the only sport that has billions of fans worldwide, Europe is the heart of football, the base of the most important clubs. Our challenge is to create the best competition in the world, both for men and women”. This was stated by Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22 Sports Management responsible for the implementation of the Super League project.

“Our format will lead to fantastic matches between great clubs throughout the season, every game will count, there will be teams who have never played each other who will now be able to play against each other regularly and create rivalries over the years. There will be the possibility of promotion and relegation, it will be a really interesting competition and we will try to achieve it.”

“There are fans who have to pay very high prices to be able to watch their team’s matches – recalled Reichart -. We want to rethink football also at the level of fans, which we have not seen before. We propose to create a streaming platform Unify that will allow fans to enjoy their passion for football and watched all the matches live for free, both for men and women.”

For the CEO of A22 Sports Management “we want to continue the dialogue with the stakeholders in football, the clubs will be able to give their input and decide what makes the most sense for them. We do not want to divide, but to unite and we will all be able to take advantage of this opportunity to lead football to a new era. We are ready to welcome anyone who wants to discuss football’s problems and possible solutions, and this also applies to UEFA.”

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