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AGI – Boeing decided: “We will admit our mistake”, the airline giant’s chief executive said at a safety meeting following the crash in which the 737 MAX 9 lost a piece of its fuselage mid-flight. Dave Calhoun spoke during the safety meeting broadcast to employees worldwide but closed to the media, he writes Financial Times.

The company released excerpts of the meeting in which Calhoun said, “We will resolve this issue by acknowledging our mistake.” We’re going to work with the (National Transportation Safety Board) investigating the accident itself to determine the cause … I trust every step they take.”

Friday’s accident put pressure on Boeing and shares on the stock exchange (down more than 9%). Although there were no serious injuries among the 171 passengers and six crew members, Calhoun said when he saw the images, all he could think about was “who must have been in the seat next to that hole. I have children, I have grandchildren and stuff like that.” you”, he said. “These things are important. Every detail is important.”

The US Federal Aviation Administration has grounded 171 Boeing 737 Max 9s since Saturday begin inspections of panels covering unused doors in some aircraft configurations. On Monday, United Airlines and Alaska Airlines found they needed to tighten door bolts on some of their Max 9s. Boeing instructed the airlines how to proceed when closing the door, but the FAA said Tuesday that those technical guidelines were only an “initial release” and were being revised “due to feedback.”

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