ChatGPT opens its store: what it is and what it is for


after a long wait, ChatGPT Store is ready for official launch to be available real a virtual repository of prompts and tools designed specifically to customize the most famous chatbot in the world of artificial intelligence. The deal, which was announced last November, took longer than expected due to a recent turbulent period for the company behind the solution, namely OpenAI, which had to deal with the dismissal and subsequent reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman.

What is ChatGPT Store? This virtual store will be very similar to the various app stores for Android or iPhone smartphone apps or browser extension containers. In fact, it will be visually very similar to the Explore tab already active within ChatGPT, but offering customized (free) tools and versions developed by the parent company (OpenAI). This space will allow developers to monetize their creations using the latest generation GPT-4 language model to create customized AI chatbot versions as well as targeted features. In short, users will be able to find chatbots dedicated to specific topics with whom to communicate resources for educational purposes for students (from mathematics to literature) or creative tools for packaging texts or content own and inevitable fun accessories. The entire broad spectrum of the chatbot’s capabilities can thus significantly expand its horizons.

Above is a screenshot of an email sent by OpenAI to developers who can participate in the monetization program, i.e. ChatGPT Plus subscribers and legal entities. The message announces the opening of the ChatGPT Store and the requirement to verify an official profile, view policies to ensure your creation complies with internal regulations, and publish material to share in the store. So all you have to do is wait for the store to open explore third-party creations and also find out the prices offered by developers.


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