Chico, from dog influencer to Milan-Cortina ambassador


AGI – Chico, the cutest and funniest dog on the webjoin the team Digital Ambassador of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Winter Games Milan Cortina 2026. This is how the team of content creators is expanding and since the beginning of the organization of the Winter Games 2026, it has been promoting the values ​​of the sport, in which all generations are involved with creative content, from the youngest to the youngest. .big.

Accompanied Francesco Taverna (aka ‘Il Frikkettone’) and Chico (@iosonochico_) will be entertained by his inseparable ‘mom’. all his ‘frollies’ telling the story of the Olympic and Paralympic world Milan Cortina 2026 in a playful and joyful way.

@iosonochico Hi, I’m Chico (professional athlete and racket nut) and I’m proud to be chosen as the digital ambassador of the Olympic and Paralympic Games @Milano Cortina 2026 They tell me that I’m the first animal in history to be a witness to the most significant sporting events in the world. I will tell you the stories, the places, the champions and above all the VALUES of this incredible event. I can’t wait to start I’m ready but my dad…do you think he can keep up with me⁉️ @Olympics #milanocortina2026 #olympics #paralympics ♬ original sound – CHICO

The little four-legged – already known for his strong passion for sports, snow and nature – is the first four-legged digital test in gaming history. A friendly “crazy missile” ready to engage the public through a story that spans the territory of the Winter Games, Olympic and Paralympic sports and that reveals the behind-the-scenes work of the Milano Cortina 2026 Organizing Committee.

First Episode – already available on Milano Cortina 2026 social channels with almost 1 million views in a few hours – sees Chico landing in Cortina d’Ampezzo for the unmissable test of Curling, one of the main sports of the next Games 2026. On Instagram it is possible to see the result of Chico’s first adventure with the brand Milano Cortina 2026.

Chico’s joining the Games Digital Ambassador team was also an opportunity to announce the opening of the official Milano Cortina 2026 WhatsApp channel. Starting today, all fans of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be able to be informed of the latest related news from 2026. The Games and adventures of their Digital Ambassadors through the Foundation’s Digital News Channel .

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