Chinese manufacturer Xpeng promises mass production of flying cars in 2025


First real project flying car one developed by a Chinese company could actually make it to market Xpengwhich yesterday officially launched a mass production program for the last quarter of 2025. The announcement sent shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange soaring, a sign of strong interest in the solution flying car unlike any seen before. Xpeng’s flying car will actually be modularwith a cockpit section that can literally detach and take off like some kind of electric drone.

All the projects of recent years could be divided into cars with wings for flying or planes with wheels optimized for moving on the ground: in both cases the approach never had the desired effect. Xpeng then thought shift the design from a hybrid type to a modular one, so that we don’t make too many compromises. The outer part of the so-called media Land based aircraft carrier it’s a mini van with boxy lines and six wheels that vaguely resembles Tesla’s Cybertruck, with a cockpit divided into two rooms. The front section is of the classic driver and passenger type, while the separate rear section, with seats facing the opposite direction, is a steering wheel module that can be detached from the body of the van by exiting the trunk, deploying the six-rotor propellers and fly like a giant drone. A possible price has not yet been disclosed.

Presentation video of the Xpeng hybrid vehicle

The flying part will be able to fly even with the failure of two rotors and will limit the radius of action to low altitudes for short trips, while the batteries will be recharged when placed inside the cockpit. Xpeng also has other flying cars planned, such as the more traditional one known as the X3 with eight collapsible nozzles mounted on the roof to facilitate vertical take-off and landing and there is also an estimated price of around 130,000 euros.


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