Christmas 2023, tech and economy gift ideas


Christmas is just around the corner and we bet many of you still haven’t bothered to give gifts to friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. To avoid the classic last-minute rush, we studied a range of gifts that share two characteristics: innovation and, above all, low price. These are gifts that are useful to those who receive them and economical to those who give them. So get inspired by our suggestions.

Celly Trainer 2 watch

Trainerwatch2 is a feature-packed smartwatch that is compatible with flagship models from major smartphone and tablet manufacturers (from Apple to Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, TCL, Alcatel, Vivo, Realme and Honor). for those who cannot afford to take a break from work sometimes (there is an integrated call function) and for athletes who want to monitor their activity in real time and compare their performance after each training session. The specialty of the Trainerwatch2 is the price: not even 60 euros, which can place the device among the most interesting products in terms of quality-price ratio.

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City backpacks by Nilox Tech and Khbackpack by Celly

For those who live and work at speed, travel by train and plane and already have an equally busy Christmas holiday planned, a backpack can be the perfect gift to keep your technical devices: laptops, tablets, e-books and why not, like Nintendo. Switch. We have selected two, according to your taste and what you are looking for.

Nilox Tech’s Urban backpack is for battle (not coincidentally also available in military green) and will keep laptops up to 15.6 inches safely with you at all times. It has several compartments, including padded ones, so that even on the go you always have everything you need for work in order (in some you can store folders and documents, in others accessories such as headphones and chargers) and to have fun and yet it can be very compact and can be store it anywhere, making it ideal as carry-on luggage on low-cost buses. The recommended price is at least competitive: not even 25 euros.

However, if the person you want to gift loves art and has a very refined aesthetic sense, your choice will have to fall on the Celly backpack from the Keith Haring collection, Khbackpack, which is also able to hold and jealously guard laptops up to 15.6″ complete with four smaller with pockets to organize hi-tech accessories that must not be missing on the go, from power banks to headphones.The price in this case is 49.99 euros.

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Universal docking station 8 in 1

If you want to wish the excellent technology of NXDSUSBC04. The unpronounceable name should not scare you: just connect it to the USB-C port of your computer and you will get a hub that will allow you to get an HDMI port with support for resolutions up to 4K/30Hz, 3 USB 3.0 ports with a speed of up to 5 Gbps, an SD card reader, 1 Micro SD input, 1 Ethernet input and PD Type-C input up to 100 W. It can be found on Amazon for around 47 euros.

Flowbeat headphones

Whether you want to listen to your playlist on the train, on the plane, in the office or even simply at home, on the sofa or under the blanket, Celly’s Flowbeat wireless headphones are among the cheapest on the market (19.99 euros), but despite this you avoid bundles of cords and cables and offers up to 7 hours of declared playback per charge (USB-C cable included).

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Rather light, they have good padding for the headband and ear cups. With the integrated remote control, you can switch from one track to another and easily answer phone calls.


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