Christmas, the most absurd scientific research to be discovered


According to Klamer, his study confirms the need to further expand the range of scientific work available for Barbie and to pay more attention to clothing and accessories to convey a more realistic image of these professions and think less about style and more about safety.

The Doctor Who Christmas special could save your life

If you know him, there is no need to introduce him. If you don’t know him, you probably won’t understand the gag. In each case Doctor Who is one of the most science fiction series iconic AND long lasting (launched 1963) was never produced in the UK. Follows adventure Doctorand alien be able travel through time and spacewhich for some reason has taken a liking to our planet and continues to save us from one cosmic problem after another: invasion OF The Daleks or Cyberman, problems in the past or distant future and so on and so forth. One of the most popular fan traditions is that special Christmaswhich have been broadcast continuously ever since 2005 to 2017and is destined to return this year with the episode “Ruby Road Church,” scheduled for December 25 on Disney+.

The premise was a must because it helps to understand why biostatistician Richard Riley decided to test the impact of holiday specials Doctor Who to the health of the English: according to him, a series that is on the air more than 60 years, is the perfect natural experiment to test the impact of working as a doctor during the holidays. She then examined the link between episodes of the series broadcast over the Christmas holiday and overall UK mortality in the following year. In total, between 1963 and 2022, there were 31 years when the Doctor aired at Christmas, and according to his calculations, the general mortality rate in the following year was lower in all cases.

The Christmas specials the real ones, those broadcast on the 25th, showed the greatest reduction in mortality, p 6 less dead For 10 thousand resident. The most consistent results were also in the period in which Christmas specials were watched continuously, i.e. between 2005 and 2019when the number of fewer dead reached its peak 7 per 10 thousand inhabitants. Riley points out that the study cannot prove a causal link between the Doctor Who Christmas specials and reduced mortality, and concedes that what is true for the Doctor may not necessarily be true for all other human doctors who work during the holidays, or for mortality. in countries other than the UK. What to do with the results? If nothing else, they could help fans convince the producers of the series to continue the tradition of releasing an episode on Christmas Day: correlation is not causationthat may be true, but why risk it when life is at stake?

Coffee maker and superbugs

The infection nosocomial they are a growing problem worldwide (and Italy ranks among the worst in Europe in this area). To solve this problem, many common objects in hospitals have been tested to see if they can represent an important source of contamination: from medical bandages to Bibles. However, until today, no one seemed to investigate them machinery For The coffeeone of the most widespread devices in any public place, including departments.


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