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Clara won the Sanremo Giovani with the song Boulevard. Along with her, French Saints (with Sad Eyes) and BNKR44 (with Special Effects) are the three artists who will arrive at the festival in Sanremo, completing the cast of 30 singers selected by Amadeo. The verdict came at the end of the long show (the first taste of what awaits the audience in February), live on Rai1 from the Sanremo Casino theater, during which the 27 Bigs – in fact, the real protagonists of the evening – arrived on the catwalk to exchange a few words with Ama and reveal the title of the song, which they will bring to Ariston from February 6. Clara, Santi Francesi and BNKR44 thus reach Ghali (with the song Casa Mia), Alessandra Amoroso (Up to here), Gazzelle (Tutto qui), Ricchi e Poveri (Ma non tutto la vita), Dargen D’Amico (Onda alta) , Angelina Mango (Nuda), Fred De Palma (Heaven Wants Us), Fiorella Mannoia (Mariposa), Loredana Bert√® (Crazy), Mr. Rain (Two swings), Geolier (I p’ me, tu p’ te), Negramaro (Let’s start again), Rose Villain (Click boom!), Mahmood (Tuta gold), Diodato (Ti muovi), Annalisa (Sincerly), Il Volo (Masterpiece), Emma (Apnea), Renga a Nek (Pazzo di you), La Sad (Self-Destructive), Irama (Not You), BigMama (Anger Is Not Enough), The Kolors (Boy, Girl), Sangiovanni ( Finish me), Il Tre (Fragile), Alfa (Go!), Maninni (Spectacular). “Very high level,” Amadeus said in the morning as he introduced the 12 young artists. “I urge the other nine not to give up,” encouraged the artistic director, who also took the opportunity to talk about the future, leaving the door open to the possibility of a sixth consecutive festival. “I said it’s the last one. It looks like a lack of respect for Rai, but in the meantime let’s enjoy it, which has to be done. Let it work and then we’ll talk about it,” he underlined, also recalling the numerous controversies that accompanied his artistic directions. “Sanremo also means trouble, sometimes controversy. Pippo Baudo always told me: ‘If there are no controversies, it means you’ve made a festival that is nonsense’. And as Fiorello always says, I’m a “Swiffer” of controversy But it doesn’t affect me: I’m going straight for my goal. After all, I’m not the center of the festival, the music is.” There was no shortage of details about the upcoming festival, from themes to charts. “We’re thinking about bringing the anti-femicide theme to Ariston. It’s a topic that needs to be opened up, awareness needs to be raised and Sanremo is the right showcase.” Regarding the rankings, Amadeus explained that, unlike in previous years, only the top places will be revealed: 10 for the overall Tuesday and Friday night covers, 5 for Wednesday and Thursday, when 15 will perform. The overall order will not be revealed until the start of the final on Saturday. “No demands from the record companies, just a matter of timing and maintaining a bit of tension,” explained the artistic director.

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