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Race to clean nuclear is no longer taboo for large Italian industrial groups. Energy is a leader in this new way of thinking Mairewhich, through its subsidiary Nextchem, has signed an agreement with the startup Nucleo focused on the use of nuclear reactors of the fourth generation of the company founded and chairwoman Stefano Buono to the decarbonisation of the chemical industry, including the production of hydrogen in the process.

Towards zero emission power plants

In detail, the agreement, we read in the note, will form the basis of an innovative model “e-Factory for Carbon Neutral Chemistry”. THEIn other words, these two companies will exclusively develop a study on sustainable hydrogen production with zero emissions and chemical products that bind together nuclear technology of Newcleo and the chemical skills of Maire, a company listed on Piazza Affari and led by Fabrizio Di Amato.

The agreement will also enable the production of electrolytic hydrogen and chemical products with low environmental impact, including zero-emission ammonia, methanol, e-fuel and derivatives. All this, both companies further specify, «in accordance with the decisionEuropean Union include innovative nuclear technologies such as Newcleo in the EU taxonomy for environmentally sustainable economic activities’.

Towards a modular power plant

There is more. In fact, the details of the contract envisage that Tecnimont will provide consultancy services for the creation Newcleo power station, based on the patented Smr Lfr200 technology. Specifically, Maire group will allow the startup to use access to modularization optimize construction and planning methodology, reduce production and construction times and costs. In this sense, Newcleo’s goal is to create a completely modular system, i.e. accessible and easy to install.

Safety first

For Stefano Buono, president and CEO of Newcleo, “eliminating nuclear accidents is essential to providing safe, carbon-free energy for industrial use.” The Newcleo reactor in this sense «is safe by designthanks to the laws of physics, and this allows our Lead Fast Reactors -Lfr- remain in a safe condition even in the unlikely event of serious accidents or sabotage.” This security level it is also “achievable at a cost reduction compared to the third generation, paving the way for a competitive zero-carbon chemical e-factory as envisioned by Maire”.

Strategic sense for Newcleo

The partnership is of strategic importance for Newcleo, which in this way is consolidating itself as a leading player in the industry the fourth generation of nuclear energy collaborates with one of the main industry players listed on Piazza Affari. A startup that launched a capital increase by 1 billion euros -if and when it passes, it will make the company the third Italian unicorn, the first in energy- has already announced an investment plan of 3 billion euros, which will be implemented in the first reference market, the French one.

Shared by a group of famous partners including Azimut, Exor, the Petrone and Malacalza families, Paolo Merloni of Ariston and Claudio Costamagna, Newcleo has a 90% Italian stake. CEO Buono has made no secret of his desire to go public in the near future. (All rights reserved)


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