consumption in Italy and exports are growing


AGI – 2023 indicators confirm Grana Padano DOP as a PDO product most consumed in the worldwith a projected total market increase of nearly 4% and even higher for exports.

Starting with these figures, the result of a promotional effort of more than 40 million euros, the General Assembly Grana Padano Conservation Consortiumwhich took place at the Montichiari Exhibition Center, defined – the note explains – the marketing and strategic plans together with the production plan for 2024.

“The data already available allow us to be satisfied with the trend in the market, supported also by the positive trend in prices in stores,” said the president of the protection consortium, Renato Zaghini, at the opening of proceedings – but above all, they tell us that careful management and a sense of shared responsibility among all producers are a mandatory path to growth in Italy and abroad, bearing in mind that over 3.5 million tons of milk pass through the dairies of the Grana Padano supply chain, which is also destined for other productions, making it a major Italian player “.

Consorcio General Manager Stefano Berni summarized the data, which recorded a 1.7% percent growth in consumption in Italy in October, with a share that confirms it as the leader in retail and overall and with growth ‘ .ca. by more than 14% in volume and 22% in value. Consumption abroad, on the other hand, indicates a further increase of 5%, thanks also to the strong strengthening of grated products.

“So the moment is definitely positive – commented Zaghini – and we see an increase in consumption, which confirms the expansion trend.” Continued export growth is important.

“His most obvious sign was the conquest of Spain and Sweden,” adds Berni, but we are also very proud to have strengthened our export constant, Germany, which alone is worth 25% of exports. However, the future is sending positive signals from the Far East, from a completely different part of the world, where investments in China are beginning to bear fruit and where we find many admirers in Japan, Korea and Vietnam”.

Crucial to achieving these results was the innovative marketing activity introduced by the strategy developed by the consulting firm KPMG, which in 2023 saw the development of the same campaign with the claim “Grana Padano – Italian emotion” in Italy and on the main foreign markets, with an investment of 43.3 million euros, focused mainly on trade and consumers for 40.3 million. And the general meeting approved with 98.36% of the votes the new budget proposed by the board of directors, which will increase the investment in 2024 by three million euros. Thus, in trade and consumers, it will grow to 43.3 million, of which 21 are going abroad, and will bring investment growth to +40% in five years.

The marketing initiatives, entrusted to the selection of the Board of Directors, will be the cornerstone of the consortium’s strategic plan, approved unanimously, which aims to consolidate the leading position of Grana Padano DOP in Italy and strengthen its presence abroad also in new marketsdrive product innovation to better satisfy current and potential consumers, improve quality for ever-increasing brand strength, and protect the entire supply chain, from raw material to finished product.

For the Grana Padano system, it is essential to maintain a strong relationship between production and consumption, according to the logic of the production plan, a tool that the consortium introduced about twenty years ago.

“If we want to preserve this delicate relationship between what is produced, what the market consumes and the revenue value of production, it is necessary to regulate interventions and avoid losing the balance – underlined by Berni – Therefore, the production plan allows us to find it again and avoid that a blanket pulled too far to one side risks keeping everyone out in the cold.”

The assembly then approved by more than 90% of the votes the parameters for the allocation of bikes to each dairy along the lines outlined by the board of directors. After ratifying some changes to the production specifications, the members of the consortium took note that from the next elective assembly scheduled for April 2024, gender equality will be introduced, as provided for in article 28 of the statute, which, in the event that only one list of candidates for the board of directors is envisaged, requires the presence at least one third of candidates of the underrepresented sex.

“I appeal to all of you and call on you – said President Zaghini – to elect the board members for a four-year term while preparing the lists of candidates to be voted on by the assembly. 2024-2027, progressive nominations belonging to both sexes”. Laura Ferrari, Board Contact for equality between women and menpresented the certification project that – in response to the sensitivity and the path that was already started some time ago, as well as the expectations of the consortium members – will be launched by the consortium next January.

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