Easyrain with Marelli brings safety to the car


Easyrain announces partnership with Marellia global supplier for the automotive industry, already supporting the company in the technological industrialization phase:

  • AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution), the first system to restore vehicle grip on wet roads, including aquaplaning conditions
  • The COME ON (Digital Aquaplaning Information), a virtual sensor platform for road surface detection and ADAS calibration

The agreement with Marelli is aimed at launch of AIS and DAI in late 2025 and mid-2027.

As part of the cooperation with Marelli to focus on industrialization of AIS system development (called Proto-B), which fully meets the production standards of the automotive industry. AIS Proto-B, which will be validated in July 2024, meets the production requirements of car manufacturers and is a candidate to become braking system for the automotive industry, as well as ABS and ESP.

Through small injectors hidden inside the bumper, AIS sprays a controlled stream of water in front of the front wheels to remove excess water present on the roadthereby restoring contact between the ground and the tire.

This only happens when the highly powerful DAI recognition software detects dangerous situations to optimize water consumption and adapt the system’s response to road conditions: AIS is able to spray fluid from only one side of the vehicle to counter dangerous cornering caused by puddles affecting the left or right wheel .

This was made possible by the accuracy of the detection and the speed of the system delete some additional tankwhich allows you to use the small amount of water contained in the windscreen washer fluid reservoir, which is part of the original equipment of all cars.

Easyrain AIS is the first active system that road conditions change and makes it safer; Moreover, it is the only system that it acts more directly on the asphalt than on the car: a true paradigm shift compared to technologies currently on the market.

AIS raises the safety standards of all cars, traditional and self-driving, as it allows the anti-lock braking system and electronic stability control to work where they would not, allowing the vehicles to tackle puddles and aquaplaning with complete safety. situation.

AIS is also the first system in the world capable of effectively solves the problem of accidents in conditions of very wet asphalt and aquaplaninga problem so complex that it has never found a radical solution and is the cause of thousands of injuries and deaths: a total of about 212,000 per year in Europe.

These are the emergency numbers that have moved us further: Easyrain’s R&D division is also working on adevelopment AIS, able to restore grip not only in the event of loss of control on a wet surface, but also in snow and icedrastically improving the safety of driving in conditions of low grip and solving a serious problem of today, both the cars of today and the self-driving cars of the future: these can be safer, but also more attractive from the market point of view, thanks to the adoption of our systems.

As part of the partnership, Marelli will also manufacture the electronics in which the DAI will be installed, one of the world’s most advanced virtual sensor platforms capable of detecting wet surface safety. DAI is thus a candidate to become the definitive solution to the problems of driverless cars, not only on very wet surfaces, but also in the case of snow, ice, potholes and gravel.

further Easyrain DAI will become an essential ally in reducing CO2 and fuel/energy consumption. This is done using a function to detect irregularities in the geometry of the vehicle: in case of misalignment in the characteristic angles of the wheels (toe and toe), the vehicle can offer more resistance to movement, which determines an increase in consumption and emissions. DAI recognizes these situations and warns the vehicle about them.

A security feature to prevent this is also under development loss of wheel, a dangerous but very often underestimated phenomenon. In the event of a loss of torque in the wheel fastening nuts, micro-vibration phenomena may occur, causing the nut itself to loosen. DAI detects these situations and reports them to the vehicle.

In the words of Giovanni Blandina, Founder and CEO of Easyrain:

“I have several reasons to be proud of this partnership, but above all is the sense of optimism that permeated the boardrooms during the negotiation stages. The infectious atmosphere of Motor Valley Fest probably made the initial discussions with the engineer easier. Miticocchio, but looking to the future, I can only be satisfied with the way the Marelli team has opened up to know us from a technical and ethical point of view and to fully share our mission and our vision of the market potential of our products.” .

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Last change: October 18, 2023


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