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The Abruzzo region chooses Maps, presented at MVH, to digitize healthcare. The SME, which operates in the digital transformation sector, has won two contracts through its subsidiary Iasi 3.6 million of total euros to improve digital health services in Abruzzo. The duration of the cooperation is two years for the first contract worth 2.9 million and three years for the second one worth around 700 thousand euros.

At 9:00 a.m. on Friday, December 22, Map shares, listed on Piazza Affari since 2019, were trading at €3.04, up 0.66%. Small and mid-cap stocks have rallied significantly over the past month, up more than 25%, although they’re down about 14% on a year-over-year basis.

Maps, contract with the Abruzzo region

Maps Group will take care of the improvement and maintenance of the platform Abruzzo online healthcare, a regional portal for the provision of digital health services. They will have to be introduced into the existing system new features such as distribution of medical supplies, management of outpatient and inpatient waiting lists, and access to vaccinations, screening, and pharmacies. In addition, Maps Group will need to work on interoperability between the local health authorities’ IT system, the region’s system and the portal to ensure that patients can download their medical reports directly. The process of selecting and recalling a general practitioner must also be automated. Finally, Maps Group will deliver to the Abruzzo region Clinica digital system that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence models and semantic analysis of clinical text to evaluate the appropriateness of health prescriptions.

“This opportunity confirms our commitment to support innovation in healthcare through advanced digital solutions,” he said Marco Ciscato, president of Maps Group. “Cooperation with the Abruzzo region represents an important step towards more efficient and accessible health care for citizens. We are ready to make available our experience and cutting-edge technologies to optimize the patient experience and support local healthcare facilities in providing quality services.” (All rights reserved)


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