Electric car registrations are growing in Europe


AGI – In the EU, the market share of battery electric cars increased to 16.3% in November, compared to 15% last year. This was announced by car manufacturers’ association Acea, explaining that the share has remained stable at 14.2% since the start of the year, consistently outperforming diesel, which remained at 13.7%. Cars electric hybrids took second place with a market share of 27.4%, while petrol cars maintained their leadership position with 32.7%.

Several markets contributed to this growth with double- and triple-digit percentage gains, especially the market Belgium (+150.2%), which is now the fifth largest market by volume. However, sales of battery electric cars in Germany suffered a decline with a 22.5% drop. Despite this, the year-on-year volume reached almost 1.4 million units, a significant increase of 48.2% compared to the previous year, representing a 14.2% share of the European car market during this period.

In November, new registrations of hybrid electric vehicles in the EU increased by 28.7%, led by double-digit growth in the three largest markets: Germany (+38.4%), France (+35.8%), Italy (+30.2 %). This led to an overall increase of 29.9%, reaching almost 2.5 million units sold in November – more than a quarter of the EU market share.

In contrast, sales of electric cars last month plug-in hybrids decreased by 22.1% to 72,002 units. Despite significant increases in Belgium (+43.8%) and France (+17.8%), these gains were not enough to offset the substantial decline in Germany (-59.3%) – the largest market for this energy source. As a result, the market share of plug-in hybrid cars fell from 11.1% last year to 8.1% in November this year.

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