Electric Volkswagen Golf GTI: front view


With 2024 approaching, the attention of fans is focused on restyling Volkswagen Golf GTI. There is no official release date at the moment, but it is sure to arrive next year. This will mostly be an update, so it’s wise to keep expectations low. The essence of the model will remain basically the same, with possible improvements to reinforce its strengths and fill in any gaps.

The German brand is not currently in its prime, as CEO Thomas Schafer admitted. The manager has ordered his colleagues to reduce expenses by up to 10 billion euros by 2026, and administrative workers will pay the price.

Volkswagen Golf GTI electric: front part in sketch


It is estimated that a fifth of employees may be at risk. The trade unionists opposed this policy, which was decided by the top manager led by Daniela Cavallo, who was very clear in her statements. According to her, the philosophy adopted by Schafer will not lead to anything positive within VW. Restrictive moves could help divide the team and foster what he calls a “perfect storm.” Objections to this policy were already raised during the meeting with the CEO a few weeks ago.

On the other hand, VW’s top executive believes it’s a necessary step to relaunch the brand and get the machine back on the road. Only time will tell who will be right, but it is certain that the Volkswagen Golf 9 will be one of the main novelties, even in the GTI version. Electrification of the basic design will follow in 2026 and will bring inevitable and significant changes, some based on a new logic related to power.

During the press conference, Schafer spoke of wanting to bring back the “family feel” typical of the Golf of the 1990s. Wolfsburg’s first electric cars featured a futuristic, attention-grabbing design. At the time, the public was rather skeptical of the potential of battery-powered cars, whereas today they represent a solid reality, especially in some markets. And what better way to keep goals than with Golf itself?

Head of design Andres Mindt shared a sketch of the front end of the next-generation GTI on Instagram, highlighting the significant achievements made over the decade. First introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1975 with an initial run of 5,000 units, 2.8 million have been sold today. A zero-emissions future could increase these numbers even further

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