EvolvAD, new frontiers for Nissan autonomous driving


EvolvAD is a research project Nissan voted for develop AND fine tuneand technology autonomous driving on the roads urban residential AND rural complex.

The Japanese house is technical project manager and will be used for testing Nissan LEAF which will form the fleet Connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV).

New experimental contexts represent a a challenging challenge for a team of researchers. For example, in urban residential areas, drivers often have to drive on narrow one-way streets with vehicles parked on both sides. On the other hand, rural roads can present similar conditions, but with higher driving speeds and winding routes with little or no road markings.

Use of existing infrastructurei, such as closed-circuit cameras, the tests will also allow the effectiveness of the technologies to be assessed vehicles to the infrastructure (V2I) and develop new, improving ability of evolvAD CAV to navigate in the surrounding environment.

The project was launched in July 2023 in the UK, is co-funded by the UK Government and a consortium of five industry partners (Nissan, Connected Places Catapult, Humanising Autonomy, SBD Automotive and TRL). The government’s £100 million Smart Mobility Fund is managed by the Center for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) and delivered by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

EvolvAD builds on the legacy of the consortium’s previous AD, HumanDrive and ServCity research projects – focused on highway driving situations and complex urban environments – to reach new heights and set new standards in autonomous driving technologies, a key pillar of Nissan’s Ambition 2030 long-term vision .

Words from David Moss, Senior Vice President of Region Research and Development for Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania):

“We are proud to be part of the evolvAD project and to work with our partners on it to further develop our autonomous driving capabilities and facilitate its proliferation. A new challenge that begins in the year in which we celebrate I 35 years Nissan Research and Development Center Europe (NTCE). This will allow us to offer our customers innovative technologies in terms of safety and environmental protection in line with our long-term vision Nissan Ambition 2030.”

Words from Robert Bateman, evolvAD Project Manager and Nissan Research and Advanced Engineering Team Manager, Nissan Technical Center Europe (NTCE):

“In our previous research projects, together with our partners, we dealt with driving situations on highways and complex urban environments. Now we have taken on a new challenge: residential and rural roads. To bring autonomous driving to market, we need to test and experiment with this technology on as many routes and conditions as possible, which is why projects like evolvAD are very important.”

Nusrat Ghani, Minister of Industry and Economic Security, stated: Self-driving vehicles have the potential to change the way we get around, making travel safer, cleaner and more affordable, while contributing to economic growth by creating high-skilled jobs. The research project will help develop this technology and demonstrate that the UK is at the forefront of automated technologies that are not only innovative, but above all safety at heart.”

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Last change: September 27, 2023


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