Ex Ilva, a decisive week for the future of the steel mill begins


AGI – Next week will be decisive for the future of the Acciaierie d’Italia plant, the former Ilva. A face-to-face meeting between the government and Mittal officials will be held on Monday in which he should participate Aditya Mittal, son of Lakshmi and CEO of ArcelorMittal. In recent days, the summit was preceded by a meeting between the CEO of Invitalia, Bernardo Mattarello, and Ondra Otradovec, a leading representative of the multinational company Arcelor Mittal.

Immediately after the meeting at Palazzo Chigi, the government will see the unions. Loris Scarpa, national steel mills coordinator for Fiom-Cgil, explains to AGI that the next few days will be important because this is a problem that “cannot drag on. We’re out of time. We await to hear any developments After the meeting. After which – he says – we will evaluate with the workers, and if there are no answers, we are ready to implement all possible initiatives.”

Public partner Invitalia believes in this if we want to save and restart the former Ilva, we need to deploy adequate resources, 1.320 billion, split partly by corporate relationship: 62 percent Mittal and 38 Invitalia. Mittal, on the other hand, will stop at 320 million for the time being, commit to subscribing his share and is mainly looking at the date of next May, when it will be necessary to buy the steel mills, which are currently managed on rent.

“For us – says Scarpa – the only feasible way is a significant increase in social-public capital, AND management change and new management. We cannot continue like this.” The fact is that, adds the trade unionist, any further delay “is at the expense of the issue of the environment, the workers and also the Italian industry. The health and safety of the country’s environment and the steel industry are at risk.”

Last December 29, the union was received at Palazzo Chigi. The government, as explained in the statement, “assured the representatives of the workers of the maximum commitment to guarantee the continuity of production and examined hypotheses in this area aimed at avoiding the use of extraordinary administration”. On this very Monday, the majority shareholder “will be asked for precise guarantees of investments, production levels, worker safety, operational security and environmental protection. The government will continue to keep the unions informed, which will be convened again after the meeting with the shareholder”. After the meeting, “we are waiting for summons letters’ from the executive, concludes Scarpa.

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