“Fastweb, the supercomputer that will shift the artificial intelligence offering”


“OFwe are creating cloud, cyber security services and now we are combining an important component: an offer linked to artificial intelligence with our own infrastructure, establishing a “made in Italy” model and all the support that companies and public administrations will need to develop their own services” .

Walter Renna, 41, on Fastweb since October 1 in his first interview with Not 24 hours thus explains the plus operation that led the Swisscom subsidiary to invest, buying a new “supercomputer” from Nvidia, which, without going into technical details, presents itself as a powerful infrastructure on which to run the brain (the so-called “Llm” or founding models) all Italian , which will respect data sovereignty, «which will be trained on Italian data and in which we will recognize the rights of all data providers involved», including publishers, «unlike what is happening today».

In Europe, there are already those working (Iliad has announced a commitment of 200 million in France), but in Italy «we are moving forward first, with regard to the market which as a whole has already reached 600 million today and which, also with regard to the related activities will increase to 2 billion euros in the next five years.”

Artificial intelligence as a new frontier of business offers for telecommunications companies?

It certainly strengthens this segment of activity, which is already worth 50% of our turnover for us today. However, artificial intelligence represents a paradigm shift comparable to the arrival of the web scene, especially when considering generative AI. There is one aspect to consider in this framework


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