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Nominations in the various Oscar categories will be announced on January 23, followed by awards on March 10 in Los Angeles. Most likely, actor, director and producer Bradley Cooper will be nominated for best actor, but also for best director and, along with other producers, in the category of best film for Mastera film now available on Netflix about the life of composer Leonard Bernstein.

If he doesn’t win in any of these categories, Bradley Cooper will be nominated without winning 12 times in just ten years, a statistic that shows how hard he tried and is trying to win an Oscar. Master it is a film conceived for this purpose (as was his previous film, A star is born), according to some critics, too much. That said, it’s all too clear that the film is a vehicle for him to win in at least one category, and that could work against him.

The previous nine times that Bradley Cooper has been nominated for an Oscar without winning include four acting nominations (as a leading role for The positive sideor, American Sniper AND A star is born and as a supporting character for American traffic), four as a producer (American Sniper, Joker, Fair of Illusions, A star is born) and one as a screenwriter (A star is born). And that’s not counting the times he’s taken on theoretically perfect roles to win without even getting a nomination, like a supporting role in Licorice pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson, in which he plays producer Jon Peters.

in Master, Bradley Cooper does everything that is usually considered important to win an Oscar, starting with the choice of role and what is portrayed in Leonard Bernstein’s film. He is a married man who has also had homosexual relationships, which allows the film to tell the story of a man’s struggle to hide who he is; a great American artist, allowing Cooper to interpret him in the act of producing his own art; and a man with a distinctive and recognizable face and voice that Cooper reproduced (not without controversy) painstakingly.

In short, it is the type of film where the actor’s commitment and dedication, which are important components of the Oscar competition, can be quantified to a certain extent. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Cooper himself explained the effort in terms of the time it took to prepare. Master it would be worked on before release A star is born, i.e. for five and a half years. Cooper claims in detail that he worked for five years, eight hours a day, five days a week, to develop Bernstein’s speech (which has changed over the years) along with a “dialect coach”. Instead of arriving at prosthetic make-up (which includes prosthetics applied to the body or face) to reproduce the nose and then make Bernstein look like an old man, it took four and a half years of discussions, tests. and makeovers along with the person in charge of make-up, also a likely candidate and winner in their category.

It’s common for American actors at some stage in their careers to very persistently aim for an Oscar, as Bradley Cooper has been doing for about a decade. And this type of determination often leads to one deciding what films to interpret and how. This happened during the 90s after movies like Rain man or The color of money they claimed it as a promise of acting. He was nominated for Born on the 4th of July, Jerry Maguire AND Magnolia without ever winning. Later he tried even more decisively A burning desire and other similar films Lions for lambs, Minor or The last Samuraiwhose roles could lead to a nomination for one reason or another.

It recently happened to Leonardo DiCaprio, who s The Aviator, J. Edgar, The Great Gatsby AND Wolf from Wall Street he obviously tried for the award and managed to get the nomination only twice and finally won it only on the next attempt, a returnee, one in which his acting efforts were evident and easy to relate to more than anyone else. Other actors and actresses who tried hard were Will Smith (who then won for A winning family), Glenn Close (unsuccessfully) and Denzel Washington (who surprisingly won her after several attempts for Training day).

Oscar campaign Master it began in September with a presentation at the Venice Film Festival, where major American studios have been presenting their prize-aspiring films for about a decade. This is also because autumn is the part of the year that starts to be talked about and in which it is appropriate to go to the theaters to compete, and Venice has established itself as the most important autumn festival. Even then in Venice Master was considered a very serious contender, along with another film shown there, Poor creatures! (which, however, has no contenders for Best Actor). However, since the film’s release, many have pointed out just how much Master It seems to have been conceived by an Oscar campaign strategist (a professional figure who actually exists) given how well its nature and crafting lends itself to preparing the story for a nomination and then a win.

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Many moments in the film are designed to display an almost athletic type of effort, implying a dedication to work that is, in turn, rewarded. For example, the film’s central scene is a scene representing a concert in which Bernstein conducts Mahler’s Second Symphony at Ely Cathedral in England, and the performance is narrated in a long sequence in which he is seen conducting the orchestra. for 6 minutes.

On set, Cooper actually taught himself to direct in order to faithfully represent it, with an extraordinary effort that serves to reiterate the idea of ​​a lifetime’s enterprise (Bernstein’s, of course, but more subtly Cooper’s). It is a narrative whose truth is less important than the desired effect, thus giving the idea of ​​exceptional preparation. For the same reason, Cooper said he re-recorded all of Bernstein’s music performed in the film under his direction. These types of stories, details, and information are useful for driving the advertising machine and provide various bases for celebrating interpretation.

Among other things, Bradley Cooper took the most famous selfie ten years ago, at the Oscars in 2014. (Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter)

Recently, in an interview with actress Emma Stone (star of Poor creatures! and another likely contender with a strong chance of winning) Cooper said that he had been passionate about conducting orchestras since childhood and had therefore “rehearsed for the role for decades”, supporting the idea that it was called the “role of a lifetime”. A career highlight, another thing the Academy usually rewards. In fact, although objective information or data is usually not needed to judge award-worthy acting, but rather based on personal sensitivity, being able to quantify the work done is very important to convince Oscar voters.

First the nominations, then the Oscars, are decided in various ways and numbers by the approximately 6,000 members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, an association that includes every living person ever nominated for an Academy Award, as well as several others, in the United States and around the world. who work in film. So voters don’t have a unified and homogenous vision of which movie, or in this case, which actor, should be rewarded, but just like political elections, over the years some strategies have proven useful in convincing large numbers of people, and it’s done. primarily by focusing on the tangible demonstration of the work behind the performance.

This is easier when the films are about real people, which is why roles of this type so often lead to at least a nomination or are considered the choice of those who want to win.

Also for this reason Mastercompared with A star is born, seems like a more Oscar-worthy film because it allows Bradley Cooper to play a character that spans forty years, even ending up covered in some very flamboyant makeup. In recent years, these transformations between body and make-up have proven successful and earned Brendan Fraser awards for Whale (2022), Rami Malek pro Bohemian Rhapsody (2018), Gary Oldman for The darkest hour (2017), Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln (2012) and Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady (2011).

Bradley Cooper’s big rival for Best Actor is currently Cillian Murphy, who portrayed another real person, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan. Cooper was the favorite in September, but now the actual release of the film on Netflix seems to be hurting him, with GoldDerby, a website specializing in Oscar predictions, giving Murphy a narrow lead.

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Compared to movies shown in theaters, platform movies have the advantage of being easily seen by a large number of people, but this can become a disadvantage when the public is no longer the only one who chooses and pays for the movie. ticket, but it also consists of people who wouldn’t pay for a ticket to see it, so they don’t necessarily belong to the right audience. This can result in low overall satisfaction. Public rating Master on Rotten Tomatoes, it has dropped at least 20% since the film was on Netflix and currently sits at 65%, which is very low by the site’s standards and the film’s aspirations.

Kyle Wilson’s review on Polygon explains well why, in this particular case, riding on everything that usually favors an Oscar campaign could reduce its chances: “It is conceivable that all this immersion created an authentic and vivid performance and transformation, but it is not Cooper’s goal (… ) The result is a film with an annoyingly limited thematic or dramatic focus; events seem to happen only because Cooper wants to act them out. This is not a film about a man; it’s a movie about a man who acts.”

This risk, that is, that the film will be perceived as a “vanity project”, that is, a great vehicle for the goals of its actor, producer and director, did not exist. A star is born in which Lady Gaga was equally the protagonist, masking intentions. Instead, it’s so clear for Master that the same production originally, before the film’s opening in Venice, promoted it by casting Carey Mulligan, who plays Bernstein’s wife in the film and who at that point almost seemed to be the real protagonist of the story. Even in the first trailer, it was his name that came up first, not Cooper’s. However, this is not the case: although Mulligan has an important role and even some crucial scenes, the entire film revolves around Bernstein and, by extension, Bradley Cooper.


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